when you’re struggling with the armor of your heart stemming the flow of love and the ability to receive connection, this is the spell for you.  the ability receive manifests in all sorts of ways, receiving financial support, opening up to new opportunities, building community, and being able to witness all the ways you’re already receiving. 

this spell is to help soften a wounded and calcified heart and allow for greater ease of flow and connection. 

what you’ll need:

  • a candle for you

  • a candle representing energetic flow (green/pink/white)

  • a candle for the collective or community you wish to be in connection to

  • string long enough to wrap candles at least twice

  • the 3 of cups tarot card or print the image online 


  •  ground, center, shield, and cast a circle if you feel called.  call in your loving/helpful guides. dress the candles with any oils/herbs/glitter/runes/words that represent what you wish to connect to.  for ex: on the candle that represents you, you could carve mannaz rune or the word ‘interconnectedness.’
  • then charge each candle with the intention/energy you’re calling forth.  for your candle, maybe it’s softening the heart and receptivity.  for the energy candle, maybe it’s free flow and divine timing.  for the collective candle, maybe it’s opportunities that are aligned with your highest and best, or even community that supports your wholeness.

  • then pray for softening. pray of receptivity. pray for flow.  sing your prayers. let song move through and around you. during this time, you can even envision specifically what this might look and feel like to you in the coming lunar cycle. you can speak your visions on to the air and let them be carried to source.  you can even write a petition or prayer on a piece of paper and keep it under your candle, and when the full moon rolls around, you can give thanks and burn that paper in fire of loving transformation and ascension.


  • with the string, charge it with the power of connection and flow. then loop the string around each candle so that is makes a 3-loop infinity sign, starting from your candle, then looping it around the center energy candle, and the looping it around the collective candle -making sure to loop back around each candle until the end of the string connects to the beginning of the string at your candle. 

  • when you’re ready, light the candles and let them burn down fully. gaze into the flames and feel the warmth.  let that glow permeate your skin, your blood, your muscles, until it reaches your heart.  bring that light into each layer of your heart.  feel the layers of protection releasing and melting away.  if any feelings come up, let them.  cry. laugh. sing. holler. listen to what the armor is holding back from the world.  listen to what needs to have a voice and let it be heard. 

  • when you’re finished.  hold your heart for a few minutes and thank it for it’s wisdom.  then center and open your circle as you wish.  if you can’t let the candles burn down in one night, burn them a little each day until they’re finished at the full moon.

during the course of this new moon cycle, come back to your altar each day and say this affirmation: i am connected to world that supports me in every aspect of my existence.  i call in love, connection, and support as i move forward on my dreams.