day in and day out life is pretty much the same routine. wake up. shower. mindfulness. eat breakfast. work. food. work some more. some more food. unwind. go to bed.

when mercury in retrograde comes along, it can feel like a glitch in the matrix or a pain in the ass.  a radical free agent of chaos, mercury rx disregards reason, structure, routine, and the demands of daily life.  that’s definitely one way to view mercury rx.  but let’s think of this from another angle.

large systems of oppression, such as capitalism, thrive on total compliance.  everyone following the expectations  of their roles and functions in society that continuously support the system of capitalism.  expectations such as working to meet deadlines despite our health needs and well-being. keeping up with social expectations around wealth and identity for a thriving economy. 

why mention this? because mercury in retrograde flips the script. synonymous with mayhem, mercury rx is generally associated with computers going haywire, plans going awry, missed connections, and misunderstandings. just plain old chaos of an irritating nature.

the knee jerk reaction for me is to curse the planets and have a pity party. then watch binge on netflix, that’s if it’s working.  but mercury rx is actually a blessing.  the chaos is powerful enough to disrupt the system. powerful enough to turn systems like capitalism on their head.  reminding us that the demands and expectations that we MUST adhere to, all the deadlines, all the expectations around our productivity and by extension our worth, and by extension our security are…NOT TRUE. 

no, you don’t have to write the perfect email every time.  it turns out you’re fine if you have to send a redacted version. so you weren’t able to contact that client this week. or guess what? the world didn’t end just because you didn’t get through your work.  maybe you’re sick and so is your child and some how your dog too.  it’s ok. this is the wisdom of mercury rx.  IT IS OK TO BE HOW YOU ARE NOW. JUST AS YOU ARE.

    now this is where card number 11 in the major arcana comes in aka JUSTICE. she is truth incarnate.  justice is the moment in the play where the 4th wall is broken. justice is seeing beyond your immediate issues and seeing how larger systems are impacting your life. justice is the sum total realized. justice is the whole picture and our place within that picture.  justice demands truth. demands that karmic debts be paid and that rights to be wronged. 

    systems of oppression such as capitalism are karmic in nature.  they were established through genocide of indigenous peoples, through the stealing of land, and through slavery.  the same system that demands we finish our work no matter how late it is, that is the same system that was built on the dehumanization of people.  and it continues to do so to this day. through the unreasonable and inhumane expectations of productivity and the propagation of programming that tells children that in order for them to succeed they must be deemed worthy and valuable to the system of capitalism through grades, achievement, and academic certification. 

    mercury rx is the perfect weapon for justice. mercury rx disrupts daily living.  when technology goes wild and communications become unstable, mercury rx forces us to slow down.  to recognize that we aren’t capable of meeting the expectations that are imposed upon us day after day.  and that’s ok.  we don’t have to.  it’s ok to slow down. it’s ok to catch your breath.  to quite early or go in late if you need to.  mercury rx brings balance back into our lives.

    if you’ve been living as though the only truth is to adhere to the expectations that continue to support those systems of oppression such as capitalism.  mercury rx says its not true. retrogrades bring yin energy to balance the forward motion of yang.  the world has ways of bringing systems back into balance.  justice is the world’s need for balance.  and mercury rx works on behalf of the karmic force of justice to correct imbalances.

    imagine how many computers and communications and plans were foiled during mercury rx.  probably thousands, millions, billions even.  i myself got seriously ill for almost 3 weeks, had a couple major oversights in my communications, struggled to hold basic phone and video meetings, and was basically so sick i couldn’t work.  and guess what? nothing happened.  all the anxiety about how professional i appear, or making enough money, job security – none of that was actually real.  those are lies that i have inherited as a child born within this capitalist system. 

    this season i did something a little different. instead of fearing mercury rx, i released into its wisdom. i had to, i was sooo sick.  i allowed mercury rx to disrupt the my work and hold space for me, as i took the necessary time and energy to take care of myself.  i also spent sometime to reflect on where i am headed in my life and how i can truly and justly support my healing and growth.  that approach has really made all the difference for me. 

    if you let it, mercury rx can be a strong ally on the path of decolonizing and healing ancestral trauma. the card that reflects mercury rx season is justice.  think of the justice card as the action-oriented queen of swords.   the queen of swords sees how the rampant proliferation of capitalism at the expense of human is an imbalance and it’s time to correct those imbalances.  the queen of justice, who’s sword is usually pointed down or inactive when she’s depicted in the queen of swords card, arms herself in the justice card.  she knows that these oppressive systems are harming us.  she sees the injustice and she is here to cut the lies and leave only the truth. she also wields her sword to defend against oppression and to hold a boundary of sorts.  and with her sword, she cut our attachments to technology, to ego, and representations of ourselves that no longer serve our highest good. 

    you can go against her. try to fight her during this culling process. or you can embrace the process. allow the queen of swords to reveal the truth and let it set you free.

    lessons from mercury rx – 5 card spread

    1. what systems of oppression are being disrupted during this retrograde season?
    2. what relationship do i have with disruption? avoidance? respect? ignorance?
    3. how can you work with mercury in retrograde, utilizing it’s power to disrupt the matrix?
    4. what truths are being revealed to you?
    5. knowing this truth, what changes can you make moving forward that will support justice and balance?