Drum Magic for Femmes 


drum magic for femmes

class overview:

i firmly believe that creating art and sharing it with the world is essential to living and non-negotiable.  therefore, drumming is your birthright.

in this class we’ll come together in that truth.  forming a weekly magical drum circle to tap into the inherent rhythms of nature that reside within all of us.  we will support each other in collective collaboration and work with magic as a means to re-wild our art and reclaim our right to drum! 

this class is a unique blend of drumming, magic, decolonization, and creative empowerment.  that means we will be working with our guides, building altars, connecting to the moon, using tarot and ritual, unpacking myths around art, and drumming our brains out.   

who this class is for

this class is for all the amazing femmes out there who have always wanted to play drums, but for a variety of reasons have not had adequate support to learn.  this class was born from 30 years of drumming as a queer femme poc and much of the materials pre-date my history on this earth, as my dad was a drummer and my first teacher and much of the materials in this class are inherited from him. this class was forged from watching countless friends struggle to get access and support for their creative gifts. 

it is an offering from the deepest love, designed to help you grow your own drumming practice and self-determine your art through a variety of learning modalities, using magical empowerment to help you own your right to drum and be heard. 

this class is for all the witches, the healers, the mothers, the femmes, the lovers, the sex workers, the forgotten or abandoned, and all the folx who are currently underrepresented in drumming overculture.  

who this class is not for:

  • cisgender straight men
  • folx who are not invested in creating a safe, inclusive, and collaborative creative healing space
  • folx who are not open to magic, ritual, witchcraft or ceremony
  • folx who just want to learn to drum without all the magic and empowerment.  i teach private drum lessons that you can schedule here.
  • folx who already claim the identity of drummer easily within the current overculture
  • ‘professionals’ who make their living or some semblance of their living drumming


it’s my personal belief that all those who need this medicine should have access.  therefore, there are scholarships spots available specifically focusing on supporting BIPOC LGBTQIA+ folx.  please only apply if you are truly in need and check in with yourself honestly before applying to ensure that all those who are in need receive adequate support. 

please fill out the intake form below and select that you are interested in the scholarship to apply


supportive space + the enrollment process:

this class is a safe and affirming creative space for all those that wish to realize their connection to drumming and self-determine their art. there are only six spots, that’s right..6.  6 is my life path number. 6 is the number of giving and receiving. it is the number of courage and vulnerability.  of healing and liberation. 

as such, the enrollment process is specifically designed to maintain the energetic integrity of this environment and make sure that all six participants are energetically aligned with that supportive energy.  there will be an intake form, followed by an online interview to determine if the class is a suitable fit. 

how it works:

  • fill out the intake form
  • an email will be sent in the following weeks with a scheduling link for an online interview with zaneta
  • if our energies align, then you’ll receive an email with the enrollment form + payment link


I cannot imagine anything improving with my drum lessons. Zaneta. Zaneta. Zaneta. Please please get her to go back to Girls Rock Philly. She turned a lesson into a spiritual beginning. I did not know that I needed what she gave me, but I would not have had the foundation to rock so hard without it. Grounding, confidence, affirming intuition. She was able to be vulnerable with us, which allowed us to go to a deeper place of strength and emotion while building skills. I laughed so much and we had the best time. I want a weekend-long drum camp with Zaneta. I wanted/want an all-drum band. Only critique: I would have loooooved more time to learn basic skills/time with drum instruction/with Zaneta. Zaneta. Zaneta.”

adult drum student

Girl's Rock Philly Adult Rock Camp

class topics:

  • listening as active interconnectedness and empathy
  • owning your voice and right to be heard
  • unpacking myths around art, expression, and noise
  • art as radical anti-capitalism
  • gender associations in sound and musical instruments
  • drumming fundamentals, improvisation, and collaboration
  • magical empowerment tools such as spells, tarot, and meditation
  • resources outside the toxic masculinity of drumming overculture
  • building community with other creative femmes

what’s included:

  • 4 classes (each class is 90 min)
  • full moon ceremony tbd
  • equipment + space
  • weekly homework developing your art magic
  • ritual, tarot medicine, and meditation 
  • resources for continuing education


  • specific start date + class time TBD. 
  • class will start january 2020
  • full moon ceremony 
  • class is located windsor terrace at my home studio.
  • unfortunately, there is no wheelchair accessibility and we’re located at the top of 2 flights of stairs.
  • no equipment/experience is necessary to participate

$222.00 / person

I took drum lessons from Zaneta as an adult, which was something I always wanted to do, but it was hard as an adult to be okay with another person watching me be a total beginner at something. She was amazing – she took me seriously, and she was encouraging and inspiring. Her lessons were fun and varied. I also referred one of my tutoring students to Zaneta for drum lessons, and I had the pleasure of watching the amazing transformation my student underwent over the course of her studies with Zaneta. My student’s growth in confidence and flexibility was evident even just in my academic work with her, and I believe that the wonderful connection she had with Zaneta had a huge part in that growth.

Katie Takayanagi

Orton-Gillingham tutor, Alphabet City Tutors

about the teacher

with 15 years experience as an educator and creativity activist, zaneta (she/they) has taught for programs such as girls inc, girls rock philly, the leadership program, and the go project.  their teaching specializes in supporting students to self-determine their art and constantly rework music education through the lens of decolonization and reconstruction centered in joy and love.


refunds are available within 24 hours of your purchase date. please consider carefully before registering for this class. 

What if I decide I no longer want to take the class?

this class has a limited number of seats available.  6 to be exact.  if you are not able to come anymore, then you are welcome to leave. however your tuition will not be refunded. 

Will we learn to play a beat? a song? or certain styles?

this class covers basic drumming skills and group playing from a modern western perspective that is deeply informed and respectful of drumming cultures and practices around the world. 

we will explore basic rhythms and techniques that are used in a variety of genres.  and the songs will be developed collaboratively.  so in a sense, yes you will be learning songs, but you will also be writing them.  🙂

Is there a payment plan?

yes. you have the option of paying the total tuition before the class begins. or you can pay the tuition deposit (50% of the tuition) before the class begins and the second tuition installment is due on the full moon. 

read my article from TOM TOM magazine, Why all women should play percussion

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