this spell is intended for you to reclaim expressions of your spirit which may otherwise go unexpressed in daily life.  as you reconnect with these parts of yourself, you might experience a call to go in new directions creatively or try things that you wouldn’t normally do. 

take notice and develop gentle awareness towards whatever imperatives arise. trust yourself to intuitively know what is the next tangible step on your journey to wholeness. and be kind to yourself, as this process of full expression does not need to be rushed. 

petal by petal a flower blooms in the night.

with time you too will gradually bloom into wholeness. 

what you’ll need:

  • being in your main living space (apartment etc)
  • writing implement
  • paper
  • clear space (floor, table, bed, etc)
  • altar space (an undisturbed place to hold sacred objects for meditation, contemplation, or spiritual practice)


  • get grounded and centered. cast a circle if that’s in your practice.  essentially any process that helps you hold sacred space.
  • once you’re relaxed, go on a little scavenger hunt in your home. directed by pure intuition, select items that embody your spirit. they could be anything, the only requisite is that they are an expression of your spirit.  they don’t have to be literal or figurative or have any memory associated.  i’m not giving any directives here, because i want your spirit and creativity to select these items intuitively.  there’s also no limit.  if you’re struggling with knowing what is intuitive, then ask the question: ‘does this feel right with my entire being as an expression of my spirit?’
  • gather all your items and bring them into your clear space.  give yourself time to relax, breathe, and recenter.  then pick up each item, hold it, look at it, smell it, taste it if you can, listen to it and notice anything that comes up.  write down any downloads that you’re getting about the object.  if nothing is coming up, write down what you think this object might represent to your spirit.  there’s no write or wrong answers here. continue this process for each item.
  • once you’ve went through all the items, gently reflect without judgement on your past or present self.  what is missing from your iterations of spirit? are there any aspects of your spirit that aren’t are present in your collection?  another way to reframe is what is missing in order for me to be whole?
  • take time to write down any feelings that are coming up from noticing what’s missing.  write down any connections or clues that indicate why these pieces of spirit are missing.  basically anything that surfaces from this process.
  • take the items and place them on your altar. send a prayer or send energy to source, divinity or a deities such as iris, brigid, apollo, saraswati, or mayari.  calling any energy of spirit and creative expression that you work with to help you in the coming new moon cycle to reclaim all your pieces of spirit and expression.  asking these energies to open new doorways and opportunities for ways to express your wholeness.  ask the your connection to source to reveal different forms of expression and creativity that bring wholeness into your life.
  • thank the energies and deities you worked with.  thank yourself and send yourself love and gratitude for all the hardwork of digging deeper and taking responsibility for your wholeness.  this is beautiful healing work that you’re doing that will ultimately heal the collective. 
  • close your circle if you casted one.

during the course of this new moon cycle, come back to your altar each day and say this affirmation: i claim all aspects of my spirit, my creativity, and my expression. i attract opportunities for more wholeness and expression so that i may shine the full spectrum of my light.