career + purpose reading – video


most of us will spend 1/3 of our lives working. so finding a fulfilling career is a worthwhile investment of time and energy.

in this career reading, we’re approaching the search for a meaningful career as a journey or a path that directed by your purpose.  each person has something important to contribute to the world. this reading will focus on where you’ve been, your inherent gifts, any barriers that are holding you back, and how you can move forward. we’ll also take a look a likely outcomes and ways that you can navigate this journey in loving and sustainable ways.

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how it works

  • choose the level of exploration ( broad overview or in-depth inquiry)
  • fill out an intake form to provide background on the nature of your reading and complete your payment
  • then i will intuit a custom tarot card spread with questions that are based on your particular situation and needs
  • readings are delivered within 7 business days of purchase via an unlisted youtube link. included is a photo of the cards. descriptions of all the cards, as well the overall energies and what they mean for your life right now.

choosing the right reading for you

  • broad overview (3 card). this three card reading offers a lot of insight without getting too immersed in all the specifics. this is the perfect reading for monthly check-ins. it also does wonders if you need some guidance and insight on specific situations or immediate challenges.
  • in-depth inquiry (5-10 cards) in this reading we will dive deep into your goals and plans. this reading is all about how to take your work to the next level. whether that’s a career change, a business idea, or finding ways to make your work more sustainable, this is a powerful process on the road to manifesting your dreams. we will address topics such as sustainability, money + art, capitalism, soul’s purpose, limiting pattern/beliefs, and self-worth. also included are recommendations for creativity and empowerment exercises, journal prompts, custom rituals for empowerment, meditations, and goal planning with the moon cycles.