relationship reading – video


relationships are complex. sometimes taking a deep breath and stepping back does wonders. this relationship reading is a breath of fresh air.

in this reading we’ll take a look at where things have been, where they are, and where they are headed based on current energies. we’ll also devote extra time and care to understanding root issues and any blockages in communication, pleasure, giving/receiving love, and worthiness.  this reading is perfect as a seasonal check in.

this space is inclusive and affirming. this reading is intended to support all kinds of relationships, sexual orientations, bodies, and gender expressions.  this reading is not necessarily about romantic intimacy, it can also be about other bonds as well.

please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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how it works

  • choose the level of exploration ( broad overview or in-depth inquiry)
  • fill out an intake form to provide background on the nature of your reading and complete your payment
  • then i will intuit a custom tarot card spread with questions that are based on your particular situation and needs
  • readings are delivered within 7 business days of purchase via an unlisted youtube link. included is a photo of the cards. descriptions of all the cards, as well the overall energies and what they mean for your life right now.

choosing the right reading for you

  • broad overview (3 card). in this three card reading offers a broad overview of where you’re at with yourself. this is the perfect reading for monthly check-ins and self-care routines. it also does wonders if you need some guidance and insight on specific situations or immediate challenges.
  • in-depth inquiry (5-10 cards) in this reading is all about you and the many ways that you shine. we will take a extra time and care to explore your relationship with self.  we’ll explore all the challenges that arise and all the ways you can deepen your relationship with yourself through self-care practices. this reading includes recommendations for rituals, journal prompts, crystals, meditations, and other healing modalities.