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there are a few sliding scale slots set aside each month for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, fat, disabled, and chronically ill folx. please write ‘sliding scale’ to inquire.

email readings

an email reading is potent medicine, allowing you the space to relax and take in the reading at your leisure.  this is a great option for busy folx that might otherwise not be able to schedule a 60 min reading.

personally, i love to sip on some tea while reading through an email reading and then journal. as the weeks pass, i revisit the reading and reflect on connections i made between what happened in my life and the messages of the reading.

video recorded readings

this is the perfect reading if you need a little motivational boost.  you’ll receive a personal video recorded reading for unlimited viewing. this option is great for folx who like listening to podcasts and absorb alot of info through listening and watching. 

 video recordings are amazing to come back to and get a healthy does of realignment.  these readings include guided meditation and sound ritual. 

I really enjoyed the format of a video that felt very tactile / high context with the email follow up with a summary and additional insights. It felt so personal and so effective. Maybe even more so than an in-person reading because I got to revisit things and listen to sections again!

There was so much in the reading that resonated with me and Zaneta really tied it to the creative process and landscape in a way that was meaningful and informed…very big meaningful resonances coming through for me. The reminder that it never has to be perfect, that I’m already good enough, that’s been just what I needed this week. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sydney Ward

choreographer/company owner

online sessions

need time to talk it out? want a face-to-face reading? then schedule your reading for an in-person online appointment conducted over zoom. this reading is great if you are a social learner and verbally process info.

online readings are face to face and allow for real time collaboration and energetic exchange. this is sacred space held for you and your needs.

The reading was great. The part about singing was great as it’s what I’ve always truly wanted to do but I explored other avenues of creativity because of insecurity. What she said about getting in my body and making it a somatic experience Wow! That’s the message I’ve been getting…intuitively I sensed this is an imperative connection for my life experience. My voice is stronger and more resonant after I’ve connected to my body.The best part for me was the sharing of her beautiful spirit.Thanks so much.

Brittany Thomas


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I took drum lessons from Zaneta as an adult, which was something I always wanted to do, but it was hard as an adult to be okay with another person watching me be a total beginner at something. She was amazing – she took me seriously, and she was encouraging and inspiring. Her lessons were fun and varied. I also referred one of my tutoring students to Zaneta for drum lessons, and I had the pleasure of watching the amazing transformation my student underwent over the course of her studies with Zaneta. My student’s growth in confidence and flexibility was evident even just in my academic work with her, and I believe that the wonderful connection she had with Zaneta had a huge part in that growth.

Katie Takayanagi

Orton-Gillingham tutor, Alphabet City Tutors

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