my name is zaneta and welcome to soundartmagic!


my dream is to live in a world where everyone feels empowered to make art and to share their art with others. i believe that this process of creativity and expression transforms the world into space of empathy, connection, and profound love.

soundartmagic is a tiny corner of the interwebs devoted to this dream.  here you’ll find all of my artistic, magical, and creative empowerment offerings all in one place. 

from tarot readings to soundscapes to creative empowerment to meditations to art magic, we’re going to be covering a lot of ground.  so take a look around, check out the youtube videos and blog, and be sure to join the newsletter for exclusive art magic content.




tarot readings

need of clarity on your career or creative projects? are you feeling stuck or confused?  or maybe you’re dealing with major life changes, such as grief and loss, and would like space held to explore these topics.

tarot can help. 

the tarot is a powerful tool for reconnecting with your inner knowing.  during a reading, time and space is held to explore your topic of choice and for your to re-center in you personal power and intuition. 

tarot works by providing visual symbols and archetypes that connect us to collective human experiences. by plugging into these universal concepts, awareness shifts from ground level to bird’s eye view . you begin to understand your circumstances from a new perspectives and see options and ways to move forward that otherwise would have remained hidden.



drum magic for femmes

drum magic is a small-group learning experience centered in supporting femmes to drum with the help of magical empowerment.

we will focus on basic drumming skills, claiming sonic space, owning your voice, deprogramming any limiting beliefs around art-making, and work with various magical practices to empower our creative expression.

this class integrates drumming, tarot, art magic, decolonization, community music making.  click the link to read more.


soundartmagic youtube channel 

reclaiming creativity + expression can look so many different ways.  the soundartmagic channel explores art magic and the various magical practices that empower your artistic journey. from tarot to drumming to decolonization to spells, we’ll traverse a wide variety of topics all in an effort to help you create your art and share it with the world.

you’ll also hear stories from other creative folx working like yourself to make the world a more creative + magical place.  as well as, artistic and magical resources that are inclusive and affirming, to help you on your journey.




what people are saying…

The tarot reading was great. The part about singing was great as it’s what I’ve always truly wanted to do but I explored other avenues of creativity because of insecurity. What she said about getting in my body and making it a somatic experience Wow! That’s the message I’ve been getting…intuitively I sensed this is an imperative connection for my life experience. My voice is stronger and more resonant after I’ve connected to my body.The best part for me was the sharing of her beautiful spirit.Thanks so much.

Brittany Thomas


why magic + witchcraft*  for reclaiming creativity + expression?

many of the limiting beliefs that stifle our creative expression come from large systems of oppression such as colonialism and the patriarchy.

to liberate our art, we need to work outside of those systems. 

magical practices or witchcraft, such as tarot, rituals, spells, chants, mantras, meditations, visualizations, and working with crystals or herbs,  all these practices were either developed long before colonialism, or based on universal experiences and collective consciousness, or outside of these systems in cultures rooted in their connection to the earth and to spirit. 

these magic practices help us consciously tap into our innate connection with the earth. helping us to reclaim our intuition, return to our bodies, and release limiting programming. 

simply put, magic is the practice of applying one’s will, intention, and awareness to bring positive changes to one’s life.  

magic is also born from a deep connection to mother earth and the natural change of seasons. in this way, magic allows us to heal in our own time. the path of healing then becomes spiral rather than a straight line. 

magic can be a way back to ourselves, our divine inspiration, and liberate our creativity from the constructs of oppression. 

*a note about the word ‘witch.’  witch is an inherently political term associated with a group of marginalized folx persecuted for their beliefs. witches are also synonymous with matriarchal societies. colonizers have mercilessly sought to erase witches from cultures around the globe. this term is one that i hold with honor and in acknowledgement of my ancestral lineage. have questions? feel free to email me to start some healthy dialogue or read more here

your art is magical + essential to our world

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what people are saying…

I needed some clarity about my career. I was a little nervous about getting a reading, because I didn’t know what to expect. But when Zaneta started reading, she quickly put me at ease. She asked me a few questions to get to the heart of what I was seeking clarity about. Afterward, she gave me a reading that was concise, but thorough. I not only got the answer to my question,  but also renewed confidence in my ability to carry out my dream. If you are looking for a reader who is warm, but also knowledgable and straightforward, I highly recommend Zaneta.

Maureen Roble

landscape artist

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